Financial Control

Financial Control

EqS Equity Studio role often widens from Financial Advisory and includes also support to the client in the Financial Control area, either in debt funding, in administrative services or acting as a Part Time or Temporary CFO.

In the case of the Italian subsidiary of an International corporation, EqS Equity Studio typically acts as Part-time or Temporary CFO, assisting in special financial projects relating to debt funding, or assisting in special situations of the corporate subsidiary based in Italy. As a Part-time or Temporary CFO we would focus on the needs of the company based in Italy but would also work in close contact with the international CFO of the group.

As a Part-time or Temporary CFO we would assure the appropriate debt funding taking into account both domestic and international Financial strategy. EqS Equity Studio engagement in the Financial Control area might be focussed in analysing cost control, in assessing Impairment Test and Fair Value of the subsidiary in Italy, in organising and controlling international IAS based accounts and in providing Financial valuations for head office.

EqS Equity Studio may also support the corporate local Financial Control and administrative department based in Italy offering the typical administrative and accounting services associated with Debt funding and Equity deals.

EqS Equity Studio Financial Control practise allows the client to benefit from up to date Financial Control instruments while limiting the overall cost of the CFO function. Our typical client in the Financial Control practise is an International corporation with a small or medium-sized subsidiary in Italy.

Please see our track record in the Financial Control area in the “our experience” section.