Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

EqS Equity Studio has a 25 years experience in Financial Advisory, in Italy and Internationally, with a unique, top quality experience in developing Industrial Plans, Financial Plans and preparing corporate valuations. In our Industrial Plans we we prepare accurate quantitative models that focus on the key factors for doing business in Italy.

In our Financial Plans we include P&L/BS/CF/sensitivity/Return analysis strictly linked to the industrial plans. EqS Equity Studio support enables the client to analyse a vast range of inputs and scenarios in a mathematical approach, both in the Industrial Plan and in the Financial Plan, setting up the basis for appropriate business valuations and also for the financial control area.

EqS Equity Studio releases Financial Plans and corporate valuations for a vast number of corporations relating to their investments in Italy. Based on the Financial Plan and corporate valuation, we can also derive a shorter presentation for financial institutions, both banks and equity investors and partners. Within our Financial Advisory practise we have also experience in preparing Information Memorandum for IPO's and for M&A and we have experience in preparing stockbroker's reports.

EqS Equity Studio Financial Advisory practise prepares corporate valuations and valuations of investments and projects for a vast number of corporate clients and institutional investors, including both Italian and International investors. We are also authorised to release official valuations and appraisals on corporate mergers and bestowals at the Milan's court, that are compulsory in various equity deals in Italy.

Please see our track record in the Financial Advisory area in Italy in the “our experience” section.