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Media, Information & Software

EqS is one of the leading corporate finance advisor in the media, information and software industries in Italy. We have a unique track record in media and ICT, both as consultants and also as venture capital investors and entrepreneurs. Our typical client in these industries is a trade buyer already operating in ICT or a small to medium sized ICT company searching for divestiture or merger with a larger group.

Within the ICT industry we have provided a large type of services in different situations. EqS acted as M&A advisor in the acquisition process of 8 companies by a large ICT company, EqS has organised four MBO: two MBO of software companies, one relating to an ICT company operating in telecommunication rings and the MBO of a television post-production company. In addition acted as financial advisor in the divestiture of various ICT companies. We also acquired through an MBO and we later resold an ICT company operating in the automotive industry and we established and later resold a company operating in Internet services.

Should an international corporation operating in the media, information and software industries be interested in either developing or restructuring its business in Italy, EqS is ideally positioned to provide both technical and financial support in any step of the project.