industrial manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

EqS is a specialised advisor in the Italian industrial manufacturing industry, in particular when dealing with cross-border M&A deals and in financial control of the Italian subsidiary of an international corporation. Within the industrial manufacturing industry, EqS has a strong experience in the areas in which Italian companies have a clear competence such as food, mechanical products and fashion.

Our typical client in this practise is either an international company searching for an M&A target in Italy or a medium sized Italian company searching for an international equity partnership. We acted as advisor in various projects relating to the traditional Italian industries. EqS has been the financial advisor in the MBO of a company operating in cables, in the acquisition of a consumer durables company in the white sector in France, in the acquisition process in Italy by a German automotive spare parts producer, in the divestiture of a food manufacturing company to the Italian diary products' market leader.

Should an international corporation search for a Italian target company to further develop its business in Italy, EqS would be a proper advisor with strong experience in the whole acquisition and post acquisition